BearWise is simply a specialized insurance service for select industries. It is part of Black Bear Insurance Agency, an independent agency located just north of Orlando, Florida. Each BearWise industry is its own division of the agency and the insurance agents within that division only handle insurance for businesses in that industry. This approach is designed to give the clients of BearWise many advantages:


BearWise agents immerse themselves in the particulars of each individual business, the marketplace as a whole, and the risks associated with it. They also have a detailed, current knowledge of rates and rating techniques used by insurance companies that underwrite businesses in that select industry. This expertise allows BearWise agents to better serve their clients.


BearWise is run by an independent insurance agency that has access to multiple insurance carriers. This broad access to multiple carriers allows BearWise agents to shop for the best combination of coverage and price. It also provides the opportunity to the BearWise client of having one agency handle all their insurance needs.


By only working with businesses in a particular industry, BearWise agents are able to greatly increase quoting efficiencies and other service functions. The BearWise approach focuses on serving clients and this is the greatest benefit for any business that chooses to have their insurance handled through BearWise.

Peace of Mind

BearWise agents are relationship driven and will invest time into explaining the details of insurance coverages. They are devoted to helping businesses understand their insurance needs and how insurance practically applies to their business operations. BearWise agents encourage clients to call or e-mail anytime they have a question.